Hello, I am Arpit Singh Gautam

I am an Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer, passionate about leveraging data to
solve complex problems and create innovative solutions.



Hi There! I'm Arpit!

Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer

I am a pursuing my BTech (hons) with specialization in artificial intelligence and machine learning from Manipal University Jaipur; Currently in my 3rd year 5th semester.🎓

In my prior work experience, I've completed 7 internships in the AI/ML industry, including experiences at three companies, three research institutes, and an IBM Z Systems apprenticeship. My experience from these internships has been really valuable. 💼

Along with this; I also actively take part in hackathons and am a 9x Hackathon winner 🏆 with 1 company, 3 international, 2 national, and 3 collegiate levels. I have also been invited to speak at an International Conference IBM Z Day with over 20k Live views 🎙️ and to give a workshop at International Hackathon IBM Z Datathon where I helped 3300+ students set up their LinuxONE ML Instance.💡

I love anime 📺, fps games 🎮, chess ♟️, and hiking 🗻.



Computer Vision, OpenCV

Good at object detection, image segmentation, and feature extraction computer vision techniques. able to implement these algorithms using a variety of tools, including PyTorch, OpenCV, and TensorFlow.


I have experience using NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, & Scikit-learn for preprocessing, feature engineering, model selection, training, & evaluation. Proficiency in writing clean, efficient code using Python.

Data Processing and Analysis

Ability to clean and preprocess large datasets, including techniques such as data imputation, outlier detection, and feature engineering. Familiarity with data cleaning tools such as Pandas and NumPy.

Data Visualization

Proficiency in creating informative and visually appealing charts, graphs, and dashboards to present data and insights. Familiarity with data visualization tools such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau & PowerBI.

Machine Learning

Have expertise with well-known machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch. able to create and train machine learning models for processes involving computer vision.

Deep Learning

I am familiar with deep learning techniques such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and I am capable of designing, implementing, and fine-tuning models for computer vision problems.




Work Experience

Winter Intern

December 2023 ‑ February 2024

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Department of Atomic Energy

  • Developed a Deep Reinforcement Learning‑Based Autonomous Navigation Systems for robots in nuclear radiation leakage scenarios.

  • The aim is to minimize human exposure and potentially save the lives of hundreds of first responders.

  • Technical Skills: Deep Reinforcement Learning · Robot Operating System (ROS) · Docker · PyTorch · Gazebo · Python

    AI Research Intern

    August 2023 ‑ October 2023

    Renix Informatics

  • Researched and Implemented two new features for the DocX (Document AI) product.

  • Used SonarQube to analyse and address issues in the old DocX code.

  • Technical Skills: Large Language Models (LLM) · Optical Character Recognition (OCR) · Natural Language Processing (NLP) · Deep Learning · Streamlit · Image Processing · Python

    AI/ML Developer + Mentoring Intern

    June 2023 ‑ August 2023


  • Contributed to AI/ML Advance Team, Worked with drone footage taken 120 m above the ground.

  • Led a group of mentors in guiding and mentoring more than 30 interns in the field of AI and ML.

  • Technical Skills: Drone Footage Analysis · YOLO Model · Machine Learning · Deep Learning · Python

    Research Intern

    June 2023 ‑ July 2023

    Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University)

  • Engaged in a groundbreaking Hyperspectral image classification project for hyperspectral imaging classification.

  • Consistently ranked in the top three out of approximately 10 peers, excelling in a competitive research internship program.

  • Technical Skills: Hyperspectral Imaging · Active Learning · Transfer Learning · Deep Learning · Machine Learning · Python

    AI/ML Apprentice

    January 2023 - June 2023

    IBM Z Systems

  • Developed and executed end‑to‑end two machine learning projects (Omnizenon & KnowCrimez).

  • Applied ML techniques to enhance data analysis and deployed web user interface for seamless model interaction and result visualization.

  • Successfully contributed to the development of innovative solutions in collaboration with a seasoned team at IBM

  • Technical Skills: Machine Learning · Exploratory Data Analysis · PowerBI · MLOps · Python

    Machine Learning Intern

    March 2023 - April 2023

    Suvidha Foundation

    Was part of the team researching on Abstractive Text Summarization.

  • Worked with Hugging face Transformers.
  • Researched on accuracy between different LLMs.

  • Technical Skills: Natural Language Processing (NLP) · Deep Learning · Machine Learning · Python

    Backend Developer Trainee

    July 2022 - January 2023


  • Completed Sprint Tickets.
  • Built Models, Implemented APIs & Maintain the DB.
  • Wrote efficient code.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams.

  • Technical Skills: Python . Django . Rest APIs . Postman · Git · Github · Jira


    Leadership Experience

    President & Co‑Founder

    September 2023 - Ongoing

    AIML Community MUJ

    In its first year, the AIML Community MUJ attracted an astounding 300 members. .

  • Organize and hoste various events, workshops, and hackathons on topics such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and data science.

  • Provide Mentorship and Gudiance to college students.

  • Skills: Leadership · Decision Making · Problem Solving · Teamwork · Community Building · Communication · Python

    IBM Z Student Ambassador

    August 2023 - Ongoing

    IBM Z Systems

    One of the Student Ambassadors invited to speak at the IBM Z Day (International Conference).

  • Collaborate with international IBM ambassadors to expand my outreach and promote mainframe technology to a wider audience.

  • Explore the practical application of emerging technologies like Machine Learning & Data Analytics on the IBM Z platform.

  • Acquire official technical certifications, showcasing proficiency in mainframe technology.

  • Skills: IBM Mainframe · Mainframe · Job Control Language (JCL) · z/OS · Communication · Python

    Student Ambassador Leader

    August 2023 - Ongoing


    One of the 10 individuals chosen among 216 Student Ambassadors to serve as the Student Ambassador Leader.

  • Continually learn new things and keep up with Streamlit's newest features, use cases, and best practises.

  • work closely with the Streamlit team, including Streamlit developers and other ambassadors, to provide feedback, share insights, and contribute to the improvement of the Streamlit platform.

  • Assist the Streamlit team in detecting and reporting problems, issues, or enhancements to the Streamlit platform.

  • Skills: OpenCV · Image Processing · Computer Vision · Data Science · Web Hosting · Web Applications · Machine Learning · Python (Programming Language)

    Student Ambassador

    April 2023 - August 2023


    As one of 216 student ambassadors, My task is to:

  • Promote Streamlit for data science and machine learning within a global community.

  • Aid other students who are learning to utilise Streamlit with technical support and direction.

  • Skills: OpenCV · Image Processing · Computer Vision · Data Science · Web Hosting · Web Applications · Machine Learning · Python (Programming Language)

    Deputy Head of Design

    June 2022 - July 2023

    Phi Phenomenon MUJ

    Collaborating with team members to design visual materials for events and projects.

    Skills: Team Leading, Team Management

    Working Member

    June 2022 - January 2023

    CodeChef MUJ Student Chapter

    Provided & Solved Daily Questions in Social Media Groups.

    Skills: Code · Programming · C++ · C · Java · Python



    Bachelor of Technology (Honours)

    2021 - 2025

    Manipal University Jaipur

    Specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Current CGPA: 8.26

    Awarded the title of "MUJ WIZARD PROGRAMMER"

    Created the Official Website for the Department of AI & ML.

    Took Part in Boxing Bootcamp (Jan-Feb 2023)

    Have played Inter Tournament of Chess

    Secondary Education (Class 10th - 12th)


    St. Joseph Convent School

    Class 12
    Percentage: 85.2%   Computer: 94/100

    Class 10
    Percentage: 81.5%   Computer: 97/100

    Relevant Subjects: Java,Maths

    Excelled in various Olympiad competitions, showcasing exceptional talent and achieving victories in three distinct events



    Recipe Genie Pad
    Operating System Scheduling Algorithms
    Demand Forecasting
    Face Scrambler
    MUJ Attedance 2.0
    American Sign Language Recognition System
    Crime Analysis & Prediction





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